Sunday, November 29, 2009

Marietta Cellars Old Vines Red Lot 50 (California)

Speaking of wines I like to try and buy, this Marietta Cellars Old Vines Red is always something I look forward to seeing on the shelves of my favourite American retailer (Champane Wine Cellars in Michigan), the price is always agreeable ($9.99) and I have yet to be disappointed by this blend. They claim, on the back label, that it is "primarily old vines Zinfandel" and it has that Zin characteristic of rich ripe plum that I adore. Marietta chooses not to vintage date this wine, opting instead to "Lot" number it, this is the 50th edition of this wine and it should have a little more glitz on the label to celebrate. Instead it has the same old same old writing and you have to search for the lot number, but there is something a little bit new, a bold font statement at the bottom of the label about how Marietta continues to be proudly be family owned and operated since 1978. As for what's in the bottle, this is a ten dollar bottle of wine that over delivers, the smells are spiced plum and chocolate while the palate doles out such favourites as white pepper, plum and Christmas cake spices. Lip-smackingly good. I'm thinking of picking up a few more next time I am south of border.

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