Friday, November 6, 2009

Vina Cobos 2007 Felino Cabernet Sauvignon (Argentina)

Today was one of those LONG days ... it began at the same time every other day for me begins (6 AM), I did much the same with my morning that I always do ( I posted some stuff to my blog, including a dinner at Bb33 and a Portuguese wine tasting); then it was off to teach class in the afternoon, and then to a glassware tasting in north Toronto, and finally a slow ride home, all the while wondering what to have for dinner. On my way home I decide to stop at the LCBO and pick up a few bottles of this beauty of a Cab from Argentina, which is made in conjunction with California winemaker Paul Hobbs. Now if this were a Cali-Cab by Mr. Hobbs it would fetch probably triple what it does; but because it is from Argentina it is still good value at under $20. The nose is rich and ripe with big black fruit notes along with chocolate, vanilla and spice. The palate shows the same kind of flair for flavour - big black fruit, loads of spice with chocolate and vanilla around to smooth things out. In fact, on the palate, the big hit on the tongue was spice, followed by the fruit and then the bit players already mentioned come around to smooth things over. This wine should improve even further over the next five years, so I will revisit it at some point I am sure (I bought 3 bottles). For now it is extremely enjoyable, but a word to the wise, watch out, that 14.7% alcohol, it can really sneak up on you ... so now it is time to bid you all a good night, I'm ready for bed.

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