Friday, April 19, 2013

Cameron Hughes 2010 Zin Your Face (California)

The ribs are finished, the bones are piled on the plate ... and I have to tell you I wasn't about to give up on having a Zinfandel with them (even if my last attempt proved underwhelming) - so just before serving I grabbed a bottle of "Zin Your Face" a $10 Zin I picked up on my last trip into the US - and one I was told, despite it's gimmicky name, is actually very good.  And I would have to agree - and why not, it was recommended by my good buddy Dave at Champane Wine Cellars in Michigan (even he was bashful about recommending it because of the name).  The nose is filled with black fruits:  plum and cherry, along with hints of vanilla and spice.  Palate pretty much follows right along but with more spice than fruit ... which was a welcome respite from the sweeter rib sauce and acted as a foil so that both ribs and wine were tasty - alone and together.  I am going to have to steal a line from the Irish Spring marketing campaign and twist it a bit for my benefit: Gimmicky yes, but I like it too.

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