Monday, April 22, 2013

Pedroncelli 2002 Petite Sirah (California)

Here's one of those wines that you pull out of the wine cellar and scratch your head:  One, I know Pedroncelli for Zinfandel, as I have one or two in my cellar; and two, I had no idea I had a 10 year old Pedroncelli in my cellar, and a Petitie Sirah at that.  Another thing that made me wonder about this wine before opening is that Petite Sirah is not a wine you really put much stock into ageing - it's a wine you use for blending but you don't see lots of wines where the grape stands alone.  Interesting to note that Petite Sirah is also known as Durif in other parts of the world and grows mainly in Australia - that's something for your next backyard bbq when the conversation lulls or a Petite Sirah wine appears.  I was pretty impressed with this wine right from the get go - the aromas were peppery and spicy with tons of black pepper on the nose.  Palate didn't show a tone of fruit, in fact it was mostly things like cinnamon, cedar-spice, and hints of cocoa that all made appearances before the dried cassis made it's way onto the palate.  For wine buffs this is an interesting wine to serve with dinner and watch it come into its own in the glass ... otherwise I don't think it would cut the muster in today's "lots of fruit" style wines.

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