Friday, April 19, 2013

Renwood 2003 Old Vine Zinfandel (California)

Tonight I thought I would BBQ up some ribs for dinner - so obviously it's time for Zinfandel.  I found an old bottle of Renwood 2003 Old Vines that I thought might just do the trick.  The ribs are in the oven ... wind gusts are hitting 70km an hour so BBQing is out of the question ... and I poured myself a glass of this wine.  First thing that happened was the cork broke ... easy fix, and I was able to push the cork through.  Next step was to pour the wine into a nice big glass - mission accomplished.  Now smell.  Holy crow, all I can smell is alcohol here, I look at the bottle, 15 whopping percent ... I knew that Zins were big (in fact I like that aspect of them) but this one just smells big ... taste is a little on the cherry-plum side of things but that big rocking alcohol is just reaching through the very middle of the wine and taking over.  I have to admit it has been a long time since I have had a Zin where I did not find at least one thing to like about it ... this is just too much alcohol with nothing else to back it up.

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