Friday, April 5, 2013

Golden Mile Cellars 2006 Zinfandel (British Columbia)

It's seems like forever since I have been to Golden Mile Cellars ... and as the saying goes, "You can never go back" - and in this case that is very true ... Golden Mile Cellars changed its name soon after I visited it (I am sure there is no corollary there) to Road 13, giving the name of the winery back to the region in which it resides - The Golden Mile - which is in the southern Okanagan.  But I still had a bottle with the old name and label and so tonight, along with my mother, with whom I visited the winery, drank and reminisced about our time in the Okanagan and the Luckhursts who own the winery.  Surprisingly the wine was better then I remembered it - we had tasted it almost two years to the date ago and all that was really apparent about the wine was the spiciness ... now sure it has spiced plum and just plain old spice but there was so much more like dried blackberries and a real nice seam of dark chocolate.  Sadly this is my last bottle of this wine in the cellar and all we have left from our Golden Mile Cellars experience are the memories and this blog ... cheers to good wine, good times and pleasant memories.

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