Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Castillo de Monseran 2007 Grenacha (Spain)

I had read about this wine while perusing the Wine Access International Value Wine Awards* - it took one of the top spots for Spanish wines, and had one of the best price to value ratios; it retails for under $9 in Ontario, and in my mind that's a must try. I bought three bottles, one to drink now and two to age a little longer. Tonight, I opened a bottle and within 10-minutes decided that what I thought might be corked was indeed corked, good thing I had a second bottle; which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the first bottle was definitely corked. With the bad bottle out of the way I was able to concentrate on this wine and get a good smell and taste of it. Fairly simple really, with black cherry and spice on both the nose and palate, very quaffable and at a great price ... if you get a good bottle - remember, corked wine smells like wet basement or cardboard - if you are at all skeptical move on to another wine and take the offender back.

*the award winner was the 2006 vintage.

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