Friday, January 9, 2009

Cristobal 1492 2003 Oak Reserve Merlot (Argentina)

Something I pulled off my rack. I have to admit I was looking for a Chilean Merlot on this night and at the last minute jumped on the first South American Merlot I could find. I am happy and dismayed all at the same time by this choice. I was dismayed because this wine had nothing but blackberry and alcohol on the nose and cassis (black currant) and alcohol on the palate, not at all the fruitiness I was hoping for. Of course I have to look at the positive side, and here it is: I was happy to get this bottle off my rack and out of my cellar so that it would stop ageing - this was a drink now wine that should never have waited and given a few more months would have been worthless ... you live and you learn. In the end, this wine was wet, alcoholic and passable, but as far from spectacular as you can get without being over the hill.

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