Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quails' Gate 2005 Merlot (British Columbia)

The nice part about visiting a wine region and bringing back a bottle or two (or a few cases) is that you get to re-experience the place at a later date. That's just what I did tonight. Visiting with mom (with whom I made the trek out to BC with) we found ourselves talking about the trip and decided to open something we brought home. Since her last sentence, before we made our momentous decision to open a bottle, contained a memory of Quails' Gate and the view from the restaurant, we decided that she had just chosen the bottle. And what a beauty, vanilla, cinnamon and licorice are at the forefront of the nose; while on the palate was cedar, cinnamon, blackberry, cassis, spice and a mellow smoothness that was just ... heck it took us back to the deck of Quails' Gate, with somebody's dog lying in the sun, the vineyards spread before us and the sun beating down. It might be minus whatever outside tonight but for this hour we were back in the Okanagan with our whole trip ahead of us.

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