Sunday, January 11, 2009

Umani Ronchi 2000 Serrano Rosso Conero (Italy)

Pasta ... what goes better with pasta that an Italian wine, and that's just what I went into the wine cellar for this evening. I also thought that maybe I should pull something out with a little age on it, see if lying it down had been beneficial ... boy was it ever. This wine is a Montepulciano with "a small percentage of Sangiovese", it also said it matches well with pasta - what other excuse did I need to pull this off the rack. The nose was dried leaves and berries with something herbal thrown in for good measure. The palate contain a little spice, dried fruit, a little smokiness, and that herbal note from the nose repeated in the mouth. Smooth as silk and lovely ... good choice for a sipper, now let's see if it works with the pasta.

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