Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wits End 2004 The Procrastinator (Australia)

Here's a wine that reminds me of an ex - always at her wits end, yet always the procrastinator. I, myself, have been procrastinating about opening this wine, wondering when it would be a good time to do so - tonight was the night ... and I would have to say, none too soon. It's not that this wine was bad, in fact it was quite good - but I do not think it was going to get any better, and if wine lives on a curve (shaped like a hill) this one would be just cresting the top and heading the other way ... just. The nose was pepper, cherry, spice and licorice - very pleasant and worth the constant sniff, sniff. The palate was different; where this wine used to be all fruit it has now gone into secondary characteristics like pepper, cedar, herbs and a dash of cassis (if you looked hard enough). Very smooth without much in the way of tannins. Yup, I showed my procrastination side here by waiting ... still enjoyed the glass, but would have enjoyed it more about a year ago. For those interested, The Procrastinator is a blend of Shiraz (75%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (25%).

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