Monday, January 19, 2009

Dirty Laundry 2007 Madam's Vines Gewurtraminer (British Columbia)

Today I had lunch with a dear friend of mine who had a "proposition" for me - no not that kind of proposition, the kind of proposition where someone invites you over for lunch and asks you a favour (something to do with writing). Anyway, I, always fearful that I will be forced to drink Chardonnay at lunch time, decided that I should provide the wine. Unbeknownst to me Gewurztraminer was my hostess' favourite wine, and it just so happens that when I was out in British Columbia this was my favourite winery for Gewurzt (they make three kinds). For those who don't like Gewurztraminer, it's best you turn away now, but for those who love this rosy, lychee, tropical concotion, made even more enjoyable by a winery that knows what they are doing, pay close attention. The nose was all that you want from the "G" wine and more: rosy, orange peel, lychee with tropical nuances - text book to perfection, something you could sit and sniff and never take a sip - and yet still be completely satisfied. But sip we did, because sip we must. The palate had that little bit of oilyness that Gewurzt is famous for and it followed the nose to perfection with such delicacy of flavour ... sigh ... I rapture on a little but this was such a delicious wine - perfect for a snowy afternoon as we laughed at the flakes coming down. Some wines defy description, though I tried my best with this one I hope, didn't I Sadie?

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