Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Marietta Cellars Old Vine Red - Lot Number Forty-Three

The first time I tried Marietta's concoction red (Zinfandel / Petite Sirah / Carignane) I was sold on this wine. It's a non-vintage blend of grapes from California and year after year it impresses and satisfies. Of course, we don't see it here in Ontario, unless it's at the California wine show, so I have to travel to the US to grab my allotment of bottles and it sells for a paltry ten-bucks or less - what a sweet deal for such a sweet wine. Not saying the wine is sweet, but it does have some sweet flavours to it. First the nose is loaded with lots of yum: plums, chocolate, cherry, cola, vanilla, sweet blackberries and the merest hint of some spices. On the palate its an echo of the nose with loads of vanilla, chocolate, black cherry, sweet oak and plenty more. Sip after sip you are sucked in to the enjoyability of this wine. If you are expecting something elegant and refined, look elsewhere - but for the sheer fun and enjoyment of drinking wine you can't beat it.

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