Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bogle 2008 Riesling (California)

This night started with us watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory while sipping on a glass of this Bogle 2008 Riesling from California and waiting for the rest of my sweetie's family to show. The Riesling had a petrol and apple aroma - I was surprised to find so much petrol in a wine so young, it was pleasant for now but I don't see it staning up well to any kind of ageing. Taste was big on apple with lemon zest and a sprinkling of gasoline. Quite smooth, with very little acidity to get in the way and cause any kind of tart sensation, but there was a nice long finish. Once the family arrived I switched to red wine, and since I am the only wine drinker in the bunch I had to pick something I knew; and so amongst the Blue Moons, Bud Light Limes, Boone's Farm beverages and unlaced Egg Nog I drank a bottle of The Show 2006 (a wine I am a fan of). Tomorrow it's just Erica and I for dinner, we are having our traditional festive Chinese food dinner while watching Julie & Julia (that's the plan anyway), instead of the usual Riesling I have selected a local cherry wine for the occasion (thugh I have a Riesling on standby) - more on this experiment tomorrow.

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