Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Robet Modavi 2005 Private Selection Johannisberg Riesling (California)

It's fun to look through other people's wine collections to see what they have been amassing over the years. My fiancee is by no means a wine connoisseur or fan, "I have a glass with you but that's about it" she tells me, and sometimes she doesn't even finish the glass, usually a sign to me that she doesn't like it. Over the years I have come to know what she does like, big juicy California Cabs, Zinfandesl go over well, and fruity whites, namely Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, and especially Riesling. Tonight I wandered down to the basement in search of something interesting. Instead of looking at the reds, which I have mainly bought and store here (except for the 2003 Chianti - no idea where that came from) I veered my eyes over to the whites to see what she has ... lo and behold I found this bottle of Mondavi 2005 Johannisberg. The colour was golden yellow and glinted welcomingly in the glass. The smells were of peach, apple and honeydew melon mix that had a sprinkling of petrol. The taste was quite different honeyied tangerine and poached pear all with that hint of petrol ... quite lovely actually, and I know Erica liked it, she finished her glass.

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