Monday, December 7, 2009

J. Lohr 2003 Seven Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon (California)

Tonight's wine required something simple. I am heading out in about an hour or so to take in the Monday Night Football game with one of my best buddy's but he seems to enjoy rosés more than he likes any other wine (read: he only likes pink wines, not that there's anything wrong with that). His wife on the other hand likes white. When visiting friends some show up "cap in hand" I will be showing up with "booze in hand" (I suspect that might be why I am able to keep my friends), in hand will be one white and one pink. As for me I prefer a red and tonight I yanked this J. Lohr Cab off the shelf to enjoy a glass before heading out in the cold night (I will be walking). The wine proved to be very good: smooth, sweet and spicy with a woody dried fruit aftertaste. Smooth through the mouth, sweet on the mid-palate and spicy on the finish - the aftertaste is pretty self-explanatory.


Las Rocas said...
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Las Rocas said...

The "red or white" question has only grown more nebulous as food pairings become more creative—I remember when it was rather fashionable to only drink whites with fish and light poultry, which certainly isn't the case now. That was very generous of you to bring both a white and a rosé. When there are red enthusiasts present, I usually suggest picking out reds that can also appeal to white-wine fans, since the inverse seems a much more difficult task. One example is Garnacha—our Las Rocas is a stand-out label of this varietal—which tends to win over white-wine lovers with its smoothness and fruity flavors.

Michael Pinkus - Grape Guy said...

In fact I have enjoyed Las Rocas wines twice before in this column: and