Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Renwood Winery 2005 Zinfandel Old Vines (California)

I have heard it said, from Zinfandel fans, that Amador County (in California) makes some of the best and most distinctive Zinfandels in the state. Tonight I tried this one with one of my favourite things to eat when drinking Zinfandel: number one on that list would be ribs, but coming in a close second is BBQ-sauce laced pulled pork. The pairing was quite nice, but before I even pulled an ounce of pork I tried the wine (after all, it was going into the sauce). The nose was full of spiced-plum, quite simple actually, but it was on the palate that the wine proved to be much more complex. Sure there was spiced-plum, but there was also vanilla-raspberries, and a minerality that proved quite refreshing. The finish kept its foot on the spicy aspect of the wine along with a nice bite from the acidity. Not the usual jammy, red berries and cola you find in a Zin, this one kicked it up a notch.

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