Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cline 2008 Ancient Vines Zinfandel (California)

Tonight's dinner was the reason I got a BBQ ... beef ribs ... and I knew the perfect accompaniment for them, Zinfandel.  The big question was, which one?  I tried this Cline a few months back when it came thru the LCBO (in Ontario) and was thrilled by it (bought at least three bottles, if not more), and tonight seemed the perfect occasion to yank out the first bottle and pop the cork ... and was I right.  The nose was loaded with sweet fruit and other aromas: plum, black cherry, vanilla and spice.  On the palate this wine wrapped itself around the tongue and held on for dear life combining the aromas beautifully: spiced dark plum and vanilla-black cherry were the flavours that most stood out ... this was quite simply a lovely Zin and paired great with those beef ribs.  It was so easy to sip on before, during and after dinner.

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