Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hedges 2003 Red Mountain (Washington)

Hedges Red Mountain is a red blend made up of the three major Bordeaux varieties and a titch of Syrah (1%), the grapes are taken from three different vineyards `Bel Villa`, `RMV`and `Hedges`.  A friend brought this over because it was a bottle he was dying to try and needed the steak and the company to do it with ... it proved to be a nice mature Bordeaux in flavour:  there was fruit, spice as well as dried berries and slightly woody aromas.  I know for certain it went well with the steak and potatoes.  I thought the bottle looked familiar so I searched my notes and found that I drank the same bottle a little over a year ago - I wish I had noticed beforehand cause I would have whipped out the decanter ... but this time I don`t think it really needed it, but it wouldn`t have hurt.

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