Thursday, September 30, 2010

Les Celliers de Beauregard 2007 Promenade des Princes

I once went to a French wine tasting that focused on the South of France, which includes the Rhone Valley. Alongside all the powerful Chateauneuf-du-Pape wines was this producer from a place called Plan de Dieu (Plan of God) - he said it was just outside CdP, was little known and made wines just as good as its famed neighbour.  I remember trying the wine and being really impressed, especially because the wine was ... for lack of a better term: cheap-as-chips and really good ... I mean really, really good.  So I have always kept my eyes open for wines from this region to see if that producer was a fluke or more the norm of his area.  This is my third foray into Plan de Dieu wines and I can say that so far it's no fluke; their wines are really really good, at a fraction the price of its more famous Rhone neighbour.  The nose is a lovely cherry with a hint of chocolate and red licorice.  The palate is cherries and plum with good acidity, smooth silky tannins and a seasoning of herbs on the finish.  As the wine picked up more air in the glass flavours and smells reminded me of Port ... without the sweetness - lots of fruit and beautiufl flavour.  The only drawback is the plastic cork closure, hence no ageing for this one - it could take it, but the closure is detrimental ... good news is that it's drinking great right now so I think it'll be my house wine for a few get togethers over the next few weeks - wanna come over?

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