Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Geyser Peak Winery 2002 Sandy Lane Vineyard Zinfandel (California)

Mexican night her at home ... to be more specific, taco night - but we got lazy and stuffing the tacos took too much work, so we mooshed it all up in a bowl and called it "taco salad".  The wine had been picked earlier in the day, a 2002 Zinfandel from California's Contra Costa County, part of the Geyser Peak Block Selection series and one I have had much enjoyment out of in the past - but how would it be after 8 years?  Lovely, is the easy answer.  The nose smelled of spiced-raspberries, lots of plum and gave off hints of vanilla.  The taste was even more exciting and welcoming:  spiced vanilla plums, cocoa, rich dark fruit all shaken with spice and near the end of the bottle (opened about an hour) I picked up vanilla enriched strawberry jam ... altogether it was lovely and delicious smooth in the mouth with the barest hint of tannins to get in the way.  As for the finish: red berry and spiced vanilla plums ... mmm, mmm good.  Did it go with the tacos/taco salad?  Sure.  Did it go even better on its own after the meal?  You bet.

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