Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nichol Vineyard 2006 Capriccio (British Columbia)

It's been awhile since I've been able to sit down and just have a glass of wine.  I have been busy every night this week, as the On the Road blog will verify.  Between teaching wine courses and various tasting I have been at or hosted, I have not had time to sit down with a glass and enjoy a meal ... tonight I did - or at least had the glass of wine.  Spent the day in Prince Edward County at Taste!, another great year for this event and the wines from the County are getting and better.  When I arrived back at where I'm staying (chez pere et mere) dad had roasted a duck and mom had me go downstairs to pick out a bottle.  I chose this 2006 Capriccio from the Naramata Bench of British Columbia ... a little research showed it is a Pinot Noir-Gamay Noir blend (which I have to admit I guessed correctly - there was no back label on the bottle to give me that hint). A little long in the tooth the nose had a light earthy and herby smell with a slight bit of sour cherry.  The palate was easy on the tongue, hadrdly any tannins to speak of, and the acidity was fairly flat as well, though it was pleasant.  Touches of white pepper and light spice graced the tongue but the fruit was almost non-existent.  Glad we had this bottle today because in another year or two their would have been no saving grace to this wine.

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