Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nik. Weis Selection 2008 "U" Urban Riesling (Germany)

When you give my wife a choice between white and red, 9 times out of 10 she will go for the white.  Doesn't matter what's for dinner, white is her wine of choice.  So when I asked her if she wanted a drink this evening she answered "yes" and, of course she requested "white".  It is then my responsibility to find something she is going to enjoy.  A few nights ago we opened a Chardonnay that she was not too thrilled with (I enjoyed it with the salmon we made); tonight I opted to open something I knew she would enjoy (and I would too) - this German Riesling - a new addition to the general list at the LCBO here in Ontario.  The nose is full of inviting fruit aromas like mac apple and a touch of lemon rind, there's also a little petrol peaking around the fruit.  The flavours are also very enjoyable with green apple leading the charge, some petrol to coat the palate and really good acidity to cleanse that same palate.  The finish is lovely, long and lingering.  This is a pleasure to sit and sip upon.  Sometimes my wife doesn't finish her glass of hooch; that's how I know she wasn't a fan - this one she finished, and even asked for seconds, so it must be good.

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