Friday, November 12, 2010

Ben Glaetzer 2008 Wallace (Australia)

Sometimes, after a bad day, the best thing to have is a glass of wine - I am not saying to drown your sorrows in booze, it's just nice to sit down and mellow out with a friend, like Wallace here.  Wallace is from Australia, he has the typical Aussie accent (big fruit) and charm (high alcohol); he's friendly, gregarious and full of life.  He's a friend you like to come home too because he is like the 'sweet and sour' dichotomy:  fun and serious (can someone be fun and serious at the same time -m Wallace seems to have ti down pat).  Of course I am referring to this big wine from the Glaetzer Wine Company, a blend of old vines Shiraz and Grenache.  The nose is rich and robust with a mix of red and black fruit, plum, raspberry-chocolate and pepper. If the smells on the nose don't lure you all the way in then the palate certainly will: the flavours start out with an enticing raspberry aroma and just get better from there, chocolate, plum, black cherry, sweet cassis with a hint of pepper and finally, there's that nice long finish.  Hedonistic, decadent and downright delicious - what a way to end the day ... with this new found friend.  The good news he'll be around for awhile, he's not going anywhere fast, you could came back and visit him at least for the next 7 years.

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