Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Liberty School 2005 Syrah (California)

A long day staring at other people's wines makes you want to have a glass of your own.  I spent the day in a couple of wine cellars doing inventory and by the time I got home I felt like something to drink ... but I was also feeling finicky about what - I did not want something I have had before, I wanted something new and intriguing - so I found a bottle of Liberty School 2005 Syrah that seemed worth trying.  The nose was very dark with licorice, cassis and cinnamon notes - as the wine opened in the glass it developed some chocolate and raspberry notes as well.  On the palate black pepper, creme de cassis, more licorice and a tad toasty ... pleasant enough ... though I have to admit, I was in one of those moods that even a great wine would not have been deemed as so-so.  It happens.


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