Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hardys 2008 Bankside Shiraz (Australia)

New label.  New look, Same wine?  I have to be honest, it has been so long since I had a Hardys Bankside that I can't answer that last statement.  The label certainly has changed (white and grey with a drawing of the winery) and the look of the bottle is different (taller, more stately and with a screwcap), but the wine inside seems a little more focused and more interesting than what I last remember from my bankside experience.  Mocha and black cherry rise to the fore on the smell, with some vanilla/chocolate notes backing it up; you could spend some time here getting lost in the aromas.  The palate is juicy with a lovely mix of black and red fruit, slick tannins and an appealing coffee finish.  This one's a real winner and great for a late night sip after a long day ... and the 14.5% means you'll be sleeping like a baby in no time - nightie-night..

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