Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rosemount 2006 Show Reserve GSM (Australia)

Some wines are just dumb-luck that you find them on sale, especially here in Ontario where a sale means only a buck or two off.  A few weeks ago I found a few bottles of this $35 beauty at a west-end LCBO location that was going through some renovations.  They were trying to clear some space and had a selection of Vintages products on for 30% off (an unheard of amount for an LCBO store), so you do the math.  Having tried the wine earlier in the year I knew this to be a bargain-and-a-half, so I pounced on 3 of the last 4 remaining bottles (my mother, who was with me at the time, pounced on the fourth).  Tonight, sitting in my parents kitchen, waiting for the salmon to cook, we opened this bottle for a gathering around the kitchen table, knowing full well this is not a salmon wine by any stretch of the imagination.  On the other hand, this is one salmon-chanted wine.  A blend of Grenache (47%), Shiraz (47%) and Mourvedre (6%), specially selected for the bottling, exhibits aromas of cassis, chocolate/coffee, white pepper and black raspberry.  The palate is rich and enticing with flavours that introduce themselves as mocha/chocolate wrapped dark fruit with a dash of pepper and spices for seasoning ... nothing about this wine overwhelmed the senses, it was just right ... and the bottle was empty before the salmon was served, funny how things always work out..

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