Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wallace, again and a Ventozelo Reserva Port (Australia / Portugal)

After a date with the Vineyard Vixens on Saturday afternoon in Ottawa (I hosted a Schott Zwiesel glassware tasting for them), it was time to relax in the hotel before dinner.  I opened a bottle of Ben Glaetzer's 2008 Wallace, which I have previously mentioned on this blog - great wine with gobs of fruit and plenty of sweetening alcohol, not for the faint of heart.  Later took a cold stroll to dinner to a place called the Grand, which served Italian cuisine, quite well might I add.  The party I was with enjoyed the wood-oven fired thin-crust pizzas while I wrapped my palate around a piece of very passable lasagna (made fresh by "mamma" twice a week).  They had a beer on tap I had never heard of called a "Kronnenberg Blanc" (from France) - I have had Kronnenberg before but never the Blanc- which was a light summer type white beer (almost see through) with citrusy flavours.  Finally, back to the hotel for a  nightcap and the hockey game, Leafs / Habs is always entertaining, especially when my Habs win 2-0.  Not sure how many folks sit and watch a hockey game with a glass of Port, but it isn't a bad combination.  Opened a bottle of Quinta de Ventozelo Porto Reserva, this was a little disappointing as it lacked the viscosity expected from Port, it was light and thin in the mouth, though the nose had everything a Port drinker looks for: cherries, chocolate, plum, touch of spice - but the palate did not deliver ... too bad, at least the Habs won (first time they have shut the Leafs out in Montreal still 1977).

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