Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coyote's Run 2009 Five Mile White (Ontario) and Something for Dessert (Portugal)

I reviewed this wine in the middle of November in the form of an audio Weekly Wine Note (http://ontariowinereview.libsyn.com/coyote-s-run-2009-five-mile-white-13-95) ... Tonight it was used for both cooking and drinking ... the onions found a new level of sweetness when the wine was used to saute them, then it found another life in the glass, next to the onions and a homemade burger patty.  Doesn't sound like a classic combination, but it was very good.  To finish off the evening I poured myself a sniff of a Ruby port I have had open on the "sideboard" for the last few months ... Feist Ruby was still lovely with bright red cherries and hints of spice.  Don't let people rush a well-made bottle of port ... these "drink now" styles can last a few months resting comfortably "on the bar".

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