Saturday, December 25, 2010

Torres 2008 Infinite (Spain)

Found this wine while wondering around a Sam's Club in Utica, Michigan on Christmas Eve day.  I was going to bring it to the party that night but I had a beer recommended to me that I decided to give a go to instead.  This bottle made it back to Canada with me on Christmas Day and was opened that night with the most traditional of all holiday meals, Chinese food.  A blend of 85% Tempranillo with a 25% dash of Cabernet, the nose had lovely red and black fruit, a slight perfumed note and rich vanilla-spice.  The palate showed some real promise of laying it down for 5+ years, but with the flavours the way they were I could see why that would be a problem (you'd want to open it now); nice full flavour of black- and rasp- berry along with some really good silky tannin structure ... delicious cold (right out of the car trunk) and as it warmed up, even better.  The "Infitnite" on the label must be describing the finish, because it went on and on and on.  This was an amazing bottle, especially when you consider I paid 6 bucks for it.

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leah meredith said...

What would you pair with this wine. I am drinking it now, with roast beef, but I don't think roast beef is necessarily the best with it.