Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vina Calina 2001 Merlot (Chile)

This is the Kendall Jackson property in Chile ... or at least it was in 2001 ... a quick check of the website shows no mention of the American wine pioneer.  But here I am am with a bottle of 2001 Merlot and plain as day the name Kendall-Jackson appears at the bottom of the front label.  Here's another older bottle in my collection with a plastic cork (arggh!), but instead of simply a plastic capsule the bottle is also sealed with a wax top ... maybe, just maybe, this saved this wine from complete spoilage (as I have found most plastic sealed wines do with age).  When first opened the nose was more burnt then anything: burnt plum and toffee smells leap from the glass ... as time passed there were smells of dried sweet fruit like blackberry and blueberry, all with that hint of burnt-ness to them.  The palate was intriguing with slightly peppered dried black fruit, a tad sweet on the tongue, with the definite tastes of smoked black raspberry.  This wine was port like through the mouth and Sherry-like on the finish ... lots going on, some good, some bad, but enough good to drink and enjoy.

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