Sunday, December 12, 2010

Woop Woop Wines 2006 The Black Chook (Australia)

I am constantly trying out wines on my wife, she is primarily a white wine drinker and I would classify myself as a red drinker - though I enjoy the occasion white also.  The interesting part of that statement is this:  each time I promise her "something special" she automatically thinks white while I'm thinking a red she might like.  Tonight she whipped up a very nice recipe-book-dinner (something she found in a book and wanted to try it out) - I provided the wine, "something interesting".  Her mind immediately went white, mine knew it was red.  Anyway here's the outcome: the Black Chook is a Shiraz-Viognier blend that is still very tasty.  The nose is red and black fruited with pepper, cassis and vanilla-blueberries lingering in the background.  The palate is also still very nice with black pepper, a touch woody at the beginning, vanilla and plum with hints of mint-cocoa on the mid-palate to the finish ... as it opens further the wood slowly disappears and develops more red berries and a long anise finish.  I thought it was very good, my wife did not think it looked white enough for her liking.

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