Friday, December 3, 2010

StoneHedge 2008 Reserve Amador County Zinfandel (California)

I know that my wife likes white wine, but every so often I try to entice her with a red.  I think I had her with this one, a Zinfandel from Amador County in California.  The nose was smoked plum and spiced-vanilla-cola - she did say that it smelled nice (point for me).  The tannins had some bite but they were not mouth drying or overpowering, they seemed to be just right as the palate proved to be juicy with flavour, there was spiced cherry, some plum, cinnamon and vanilla with a delicious spiced plum linger on the finish - she said she liked the taste (another point, that makes two).  But to win my wife over I need 3 points: the smell, the taste, and the finished glass (if she asks for more that's where I get into bonus points).  As it turns out she left about half the glass of wine unfinished, she drank some but she was not so wowed as to drink it all, "I prefer to chew my calories not drink them" she often says; it's a difference in fundamental philosophy I guess.  But tonight I Meatloafed the evening, because as Mr. loaf once sang, "Two out of three ain't bad" and I'll gladly chalk it up to a victory.  As for the wine, I had two glasses and enjoyed each and every sip.

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