Thursday, December 9, 2010

Juan Gil 2006 Monastrell - White Label (Spain)

I am a fan of Juan Gil, I make no bones about it, and I can tell you a story to prove it.  I always thought of myself as a Juan Gill fan because each time I saw the name on a bottle of wine I knew I was going to enjoy what was in it.  But sometimes you second guess yourself ... is it all subliminal, I see the name therefore I like the wine even before you try it.  But here is my story that showed me otherwise:  One day while shopping in the USA I came across a Spanish wine for 7.99 called Wrongo Dongo (silly name to be sure), but I tried it anyway and I ended up liking it enough to buy two bottles.  When I got it back to the hotel I looked at the back to see who the producer was, wouldn't you know it, it was made by Juan Gil ... So I guess I like their wines with or without pre-determined label knowledge.  Tonight I opened a Juan, a 2006 Monastrell from the Jumilla region, peppered raspberries on the nose led to spiced red fruit on the palate, still with nice tannin bite and good acidity ... it also paired well with chicken and pasta ... I guess I am just Juan Gil-ty guy when it comes to liking Juan Gil wines..

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