Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chateau Canada 2005 (France)

To steal a phrase from Fozzie, tonight "Patriotism swells in the heart of the American bear" ... well Canadian bear anyway.  I found a 6 year old Chateau Canada from Bordeaux, a blend of 70% Merlot and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon from a 6 hectare property 15km north of Bordeaux.  The story goes that the Frenchman who once owned it visited the colony of Lower Canada and was so impressed that he named his property `Chateau Canada`.  All well and good but you have hope it`s a least drinkable ... and I would have to say it most certainly was.  I was actually looking for a bottle of Italian, to go with my Chicken Parmesan, but I was in a rush and pulled out an Aussie and a French instead ... Aussie was too far off the mark, so I opted for the Bordeaux.  While not the best Bordeaux wine I have ever had this was quite a tasty little beast.  The nose was spiced-cherry, blackberry with a hint of raspberry, there was also a woody character, but nothing to be alarmed about.  The taste was all over the map: woody, spicy, toasty and smoky, and with a little aeration there was a tinge of raspberry mixed in with peppery-cocoa powder, dry and still quite tannic with a long smoky finish.  Good choice to drink and with the food.

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