Friday, February 11, 2011

Francis Ford Coppola's 2005 Director's Cut Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel (California)

If I could say one thing about this wine and leave it at that, it would be that the wine was "aged to perfection".  But I will not just leave it at that, it would seem like a cop out.  I pulled this wine out for a dinner with some friends.  We had trouble figuring out what to serve and settled on a new recipe (why we always try something new on guest I am not sure - but we do), meatloaf, the Katie Lee Joel way (yes Billy Joel's ex).  I yanked the first thing I could find in the cellar, this wine came out of one of my aging boxes, I wanted to bring summer to the table and Zinfandel always makes me think of bbq ribs on the back deck.  This one was delicious, both with dinner and on its own.  Spiced plum, chocolate, dried black fruit, fig, pepper ... each sip seemed to bring something new to the palate, it's unfortunate that the bottle had to end ... the good news is that I have one more I can drag out this summer - hurray.

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