Friday, February 18, 2011

Three Wines for Dinner (Ontario / Chile / Washington)

My parents showed up for dinner, roast in hand to throw into the oven (gotta love when people come for dinner bringing their own food for everyone).  We kicked off the appetizer portion of the evening (which they also brought themselves) sitting in the living room with glasses of 2009 Organized Crime Riesling.  For dinner I pulled out another bottle of Columbia Crest 2007 Horse Heaven Hills Merlot because mom is fascinated by Washington wines (of while this is a particularly good one).  But between the Riesling and the Merlot I opened a little bubbly from Chile made by Cono Sur called simply "Brut".  Made from Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Noir (95 / 4 / 1 % according to the bottle; 90 / 6 / 4 % according to the website) no matter what the confusion on content this $14 bubbly (in Ontario anyway) is a really delicious value bottle of fizz.  Fresh and crisp with a mainly apple nose, a bit of sweetness and lemonade-like flavours in the mouth, the wine seemed just right for putting everybody in a good mood (and at only 12% alcohol I know it was the flavour not the elevated alcohol), there's wasn't a drop left in any glass, not even my father's, who considers sparkling to be "ginger ale in a dirty beer glass".  This is a better than decent bubbly to have around the house this summer for those of you entertaining; and you won't be breaking the bank to buy a few ... in fact I'm on my way this week to do just that.

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