Sunday, February 27, 2011

Heartland Wines 2008 Cabernet Sauvigon (Australia)

Over the years I have enjoyed many of the wines by Ben Glaetzer, of which this is touted as one, but tonight of all nights I picked one that didn't quite hit the mark.  It's Oscar night in Canada, one of the few shows these days I, 1) drop everything for to watch and, 2) watch live (it falls into the category of the Super Bowl and other big sporting events).  I'm just a movie nut plain and simple, so I look forward to this night.  Tonight we were visiting friends to watch the awards being handed out and I thought a rich, luxurious Glaetzer would suit the night right.  Uh, no!  Yes the nose delivered what I was looking for with raspberry and sweet cherry ... there was also the typical Glaetzer high alcohol (14.5%), but the palate let me down; gritty and somewhat bitter - disjointed even - not living up to those great rich fruit smells from the nose.  This time I expected more and got less ... I guess sooner or later its gotta go that way too.  Sigh.

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