Sunday, February 6, 2011

Deen De Bortoli 2004 Vat 8 Shiraz (Australia)

Super Bowl 45 ... Packer-Steelers ... which wine to have?  I know, there are people out there scratching their heads saying "Wine? It's beer time my man."  Sorry.  The wife's a former Bud-girl (and also Milwaukee's Best) but has opted for water, so wine it is.  So I walked into the wine room, spied a bottle, walked to it and pulled it off the shelf - there is no other reason than that for this wine.  Not a bad aged Shiraz, hint of eucalyptus and dried fruit on the nose (more dried fruit than euc as the wine aerates).  The palate was slightly minty, dried dark fruit and smooth with a mere titch of tannins (which also mellowed as it sat open).  Starts to deteriorate at the game went on ... Go Steelers (said just as the second Packers interception happens) ... as I was about to say, starts to deteriorate as the Steelers chances, sigh. 

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