Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cono Sur 2010 Reserva Carmenere Rosé (Chile)

A buddy came over in the afternoon to help with some much needed fixing up in the backyard (you know, man type work, not planting and such); afterward we started pulling some corks to see what floated our boat.  We started with an Ontario Gewurztraminer that was slightly oxidized, I was surprised by that because it was still quite young.  So that went down the sink.  Next an Organized Crime 2009 Fume Blanc that proved to be very delicious ... we finished that bottle within a couple of hours.  I figured, as we started making some dinner, that we would move into the reds, but instead my buddy thought a nice rosé would go with the chicken dish he pulled out of his head from 15 years ago (feta and onion stuffed chicken with a garlic-honey-mustard glaze) ... my job was to find the right rosé.  I found this bottle of Cono Sur 2010 Carmenere Rosé, and what a find it was, it drank more red than pink.  A blend of 85% Carmenere and 15% Syrah it retained qualities from both grapes:  dark strawberries flavour with a hint of spice, very food friendly, but I would not call this one a quaffer ... it was not your typical back-deck-hot-and-sunny-day type rosé; it was a grab-something-with-substance-and-eat-it-along-side type of rosé.  After dinner we watched a few uncensored episodes of the Family Guy ... Geoff, if you're reading this, the words "Tikka Masala" should get you laughing again.

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