Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finca Flichman 2000 Malbec (Argentina)

So yesterday I pulled a bottle of Flichman's 2000 Syrah off the shelf and promised myself to try the Malbec I had resting beside it the next day - well that day has arrived and here I am with the bottle in my hand.  The colour is still pretty dark for a 10 year old wine and there seems to be plenty of fine sediment in the glass and on the inside of bottle.  The nose is dried plum (almost prunish) with other dried dark berries and a hint of chocolate.  The palate shows signs of dried currants, sweet oak and a bit on the earthy-side; there's also a long finish of dried cranberry.  About an hour later the wine has solidified itself with a fruit build middle (mainly dried) with a cedary vanilla finish.  I thought I heard be told that Malbec is not a very ageable wine, so far, from what I have tasted with this bottle and a few in the past, I would beg to differ.

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