Friday, May 20, 2011

Hillebrand NV Trius Brut (Ontario)

It's the first long-weekend of "summer" (and the rapture is coming) so there was no better time to celebrate, and while looking through the wine cellar I put my hands on a bottle of Hillebrand Trius Brut.  It seems that I am developing a pattern of kicking off the weekends with a little bubbly, and why not, with two days of weekend ahead can you think of something better to celebrate ... and now with three ahead, oh boy, bubbly is definitely in the cards.  I have written about the Trius Brut before but it deserves saying again, this is a really nice bottle of sparkling that is good for any and all occasions, and as a kick off to your weekend (which is an occasion all its own) nothing could set the mood better.

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wabs whitebird said...

Wabs Whitebird loves Trius and supports the movement 100% :)