Monday, May 2, 2011

Finca Flichman 2000 Syrah (Argentina)

Tonight I was looking for something old and something that might be interesting, so I went to the "Year 2000" section of my cellar and yanked out a bottle of 2000 Syrah from Finca Flichman in Argentina (turns out I also have a Malbec from the same winery, same year - it was a toss up but the Syrah won the coin flip tonight).  I opened the bottle and poured the wine, excited to see very little degradation in the colour.  Smells were also fairly vibrant with strawberry and white pepper, very appealing and almost fresh considering its an eleven year old wine.  Of course the flavours might have faltered, but that was not to be either, lots of white pepper with a touch of vanilla, though very little, if any, fruit, and what there was seemed to be on the redder side of dried.  Within an hour any fruit that might have been there completely disappeared and the wine became very cedary .. oh well, that first hour was worth the open ... maybe tomorrow night it's the Malbec, but that awaits to be seen.

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