Monday, May 23, 2011

Reh Kendermann 2008 Carl Reh Riesling Kabinett (Germany)

On the Victoria Day long-weekend we spent our time roaming from winery to winery in the Niagara-on-the-Lake region (Wine and Herb festival); so by the time we got home (after 12 wineries a day) there was no room left for more ... in fact next weekend we are going back to finish off the two we could not fit into our schedule ... but I digress.  On the holiday Monday we found ourselves in the garden sprucing up the outside of the house in-between some afternoon showers.  When it was all done, the flowers and veggies were planted, the grass was mowed, and the weeds plucked we sat down on the deck for 15-minutes to admire our handy-work and enjoy this wonderful bottle of thirst quenching Riesling in the late day sun.  With only 8.5% alcohol this baby went down too quick, what with all that wonderful peach and lime with just a hint of easy-going sweetness and nice balancing acidity to keep the sugar in check ... it truly was a hot weather gulpper wine and I believe we admired the flowers for 5 minutes and the wine the other 10, by then the bottle was done and it was time to head in for dinner. 

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