Thursday, May 26, 2011

Long Point Winery 2004 Zinfandel (New York)

I love a wine with a story to tell, and this one definitely has one, not about the wine in the bottle but about the purchaser, me.  I bought this one at the Finger Lake Wine Festival, it was the year I realized what a civilized folk New Yorkers are about wine and how antiquated Ontario's laws regarding wine festivals really are.  I actually bought this wine from the guy manning the booth (after trying the wine) and speaking to him about growing Zinfandel in New York.  Turns out he doesn't actually grow Zin in NY he brings it in from California, but hey ... So now, some years later, I sit here with corkscrew in hand ready to pop the cork on this 7 year old Zin.  I can definitely say I waited too long with this one, it has an old Zinfandel smell: prunish with vanilla, hints of cinnamon and spiced cedar.  The taste followed the nose with plumy-pruneyness, vanilla, a touch of cinnamon but a slightly bitter finish from the overly hot-tannic-cedar laced finish, which I find surprising since the bottle is only 13.8%.  Perfect example of nostalgia getting in the way of drinking a bottle, I kept waiting for the right time and now it's too late.

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