Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bogle Vineyards 2006 Petite Sirah (California)

So last night I decided to grab the first thing I cast my eyes upon as soon as I walked from my office to my wine cellar, and lo and behold the winner was this gem from Bogle. I had picked this bottle up during my last venture into the States; I know this cause it still had the $8.89 orange sticker on it (meaning it was on sale). The nose had a rich black fruit smell to it, with a touch of peppery-goodness and some floral notes. The palate was lovely, peppery, raspberry and chocolate. At first I could swear I tasted the alcohol (13.5%) which led me to believe the wine was slightly out of balance, but over the next 20-minutes that flavour discipated and was replaced by a butterscotch taste right at the very end. This wine proved to be smooth and plush in the mouth with very little in the way of harsh tannins (they were there but to a milder degree). Very enjoyable - didn't go with the cod I was having but I enjoyed both emmensely, separately.

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