Sunday, December 28, 2008

Seifried 2005 Riesling (New Zealand)

This is a Riesling I brought along with me for my 2-week stay in Michigan; not that I thought I could not get wine down here, but I packed it up with my Ontario wines to get a glimpse of how the rest of the world’s ‘05 Rieslings were doing in comparison (see Fielding and 13th Street). This is a screw-capper from New Zealand - nothing new here - that has been lying on its cap for the past two and a half years. Upon opening I noticed that a few tartaric crystals (wine diamonds) had formed in the cap liner, and the liner had sealed itself to the bottle (separating from the cap). This did not affect the flavour of the wine at all I just thought it was interesting to mention. The nose was very petrolly with an underpinning of tropical (pineapple) and fuzzy (peach) fruit. The palate showed more of those fruit characteristics, namely the pineapple and other tropical notes along with lime, other citrus and petrol on the finish.

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