Friday, December 19, 2008

Geyser Peak 2002 Merlot (California)

For those who remember, a few nights ago I opened a 2004 Merlot from California with horrific results. Tonight I decided to go with another Cali-Merlot to see what happens. I can tell you right from the get go it was a better choice than the previous night's bottle. The nose was black fruited and very spicy with loads of black pepper. As the wine sat in the glass the pepperiness disappeared and gave way to a sweet blackberry note. The same can be said for the palate, which started off with a harsh-like bite of pepper but soon mellowed to a smooth, lush blackberry number, with hints of cassis and cinnamon. The finish was fairly quick, but then that just meant you had to go back to the trough more often - and with this wine that wasn't a bad thing.

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