Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two Hands Wines 2006 The Lucky Country Shiraz (Australia)

Sometimes it's fun to quote yourself, so here I go. In my October 25, 2008 Vintages report I said, "Speaking of textbook, the Two Hands 2006 Lucky Country Shiraz ($17.95 - #0077883) is just what you’d expect from an Aussie Shiraz, minty/eucalyptus, chocolate, pepper, blackberry and a touch of black cherry." After opening a bottle last night I stand firmly behind that review - though I forgot to add in the 14.7% alcoholic punch this wine adds. Now, why on earth am I telling you about this now ... well it just so happens that the LCBO has lowered the price on over 40 Vintages products for the holidays and this Lucky Country Shiraz just happens to be one of them, dropping it three-whole-dollars to $14.95 - which turns this good wine, into a good bargain. Cheers.

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