Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sutter Home 2005 Zinfandel (California)

As I poured this wine into my glass, before the party started on Christmas Eve, my darling girlfriend remarked, “I am surprised to see you drinking a Sutter Homes, wine.” I looked at her quizzically, “I mean, it just seems so … ordinary, compared to what you usually drink. Are you becoming pedestrian now that you can buy cheaper wine?” In truth it was pretty ordinary, in both flavour and smell. Zin fans would recognize it as a Zinfandel, if they stuck their nose in the glass - it had the usual plum and cherry flavours which were backed by the faintest hint of spice (if you really looked for it) - but otherwise, yes, it was very plain. But if you consider the crowd I was serving (not wine drinkers in the slightest) and also that it was $4.50 a bottle (2 for $9.00) then the ordinary becomes alright by me.

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